Monday, August 24, 2009


As part of the lessons I'm conducting at Port Adelaide some of the class members are taking on a larger portrait of Harry. I felt it would be appropriate for me to join in - so here are two progress pics of my painting. It's on stretched canvas, 60cm x 75cm. I squared up the canvas with a charcoal grid of 10cm x 10 cm and sketched in the outline, first with charcoal, wiped it of with a rag and then with highly diluted yellow ochre mixed with cadmium red and paynes gray.
In the second pic I completed the underpainting with various tones of the same colours mixed with odourless solvent. Note: I've still got the masking tape along the edges - I used that to mark my grid lines with ballpoint - I will remove it for the next stage.

Keep tuned for progress.

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