Friday, January 8, 2010

Les Carlson

Les Carlson - 30cm x 40cm - oil on canvas

I was watching one of my favourite movies - A Christmas Story - again: it's kind of a tradition for me around Christmas time and I was impressed by some of the characters in it. Les Carlson has a lovely bit part as a Christmas tree seller and this is my rendition from Wednesday night.
I tell students to try to complete their paintings with a minimum of blending - well this is an example of just that.
A quick study - totally alla prima - hardly any blending just tones next to tones in simple bold strokes - without fussing too much about the outcome.
By the way, the next class starts Sunday the 17th January, so to all those who are booked in, I'll be sending email details shortly.

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James Parker said...

Oh, Gerhard...your work is exceptional!! I browsed back through your blogs and was so very impressed by your talent. I was also dismayed at the lack of comments. I went to your sidebar to follow this blog...but there's no follower gadget. More people should see your please install a follower feature. I'll be back to join as soon as you do. If you get a chance drop by my place for a visit. I'll be back.