Sunday, February 7, 2010


Tony Avatar (Abbott) – Acrylic on stretched canvas – 960mm x 620mm - $ 1,200

Blue has become the new green on the island continent of Pandora.

With his hero’s cap cocked and his poison tipped arrow poised to fire Tony Avatar, in his new role as leader of the defenceless right, takes aim at the forces of evil prevailing in the land.

In his sights Tony includes all migrants and boat people, laborites, students, women, illegitimates, indigenes, Ruddites and dole bludgers. His is a non-discriminating fight against multiculturalism, globalisation and immigration. “Tony Avatar he’s our man – hero of our nation….”

Over the last six years I have been fortunate to have each of my entries in the annual
Bald Archy Contest selected for inclusion in the finalist exhibition.

This is the entry for 2010 and the accompanying text -it makes a change from my regular paintings each year.

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