Wednesday, May 11, 2011

SORRY for taking so long between posts -

 Russell - oil on canvas approx 45cm x 60cm

Russell was the model for the last class at Port Adelaide.  My thanks to Russel for everything.  This painting is on show at the Clare Rotary Art show from 14th May to the 20th May.  The Clare Valley at this time of year is a marvellous mixture of autumn colours and smoke haze as farmers take the last opportunity to burn stubble before the winter rains.

...from little things...   oil on canvas - approx 60cm x 80cm

This painting is on show until 4th June at the Port Community Gallery in Port Adelaide as part of History Week Commemoration.  The title comes from a line from Paul Kelly's tribute song on Aboriginal Land Rights.

I think the sentiment is equally appropriate as a metaphor for life in general.

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