Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pictures at an exhibition

 Just a few pictures from a delightful evening:

 Part of the crowd - early on.

David and Meredith Parker and I.

Sheila Boyle and I

Deirdre Boyd, Alan Ramachandran, Mike Barr and I.

More of the guests.

Mike Stoakes, Julia Mannix and Ken Richardson.  Helen Turvey in the background.

Mike after the very kind things he said during his opening address.

What a fabulous opening it was.  My sincere thanks to all those brave souls who came to the opening on a cold and wet evening.  Inside the room was warmed with the wood fire and the the presence of more than sixty people jostling, chatting and checking out the artworks.
A special thank you to Mike for the opening, to Helen and Hans who assisted in hanging and setting up and to Eliza for the venue and the opportunity.
The exhibition will remain on display until the 4th September.

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