Saturday, March 18, 2017

Today ... at the SAWS Saturday session.

I usually go to my art group sessions without any real plan of what I want to paint. 
That was the case today and I started out painting a gentleman with a red bow tie on some paper Lynda Fanshaw asked me to try out. We both agreed the paper was so so. 
Then I saw Steven Lush 's post of his grandmother on Face Book - he was most gracious to allow me try to paint her. The result, on brown wrapping paper, is below. Thanks Steven, I tried to keep in sympathy with the look of the old photograph.
 Finally, with a few minutes left, I got out the sketch book and added the small painting of the little boy. 

They are all about 20cm x 25cm.

Tomorrow the workshop at Art Stretchers on Light Square.

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