Monday, October 5, 2009

Harry Finished

Harry Leach - 60cm x 75cm - oil on stretched canvas

This is the final result of the work started a few weeks ago as part of the first set of Portait Classes at Port Adelaide. The image isn't the clearest but I'll swap it out when I get a better one.
The work will be (hopefully) available to view during the Spring exhibition of members' work
at the Royal South Australian Society of Arts from Sun 11 Oct.

Incidentally this Saturday at 2pm 10 Oct I will be joining friends Mike Barr,
Alan Ramachandran and John Hamilton in a quadratic display of artists demonstrating
their peculiar approaches to art at the Adelaide Cathedral
Art Show
in St Peters Cathedral in North Adelaide.
The session is free to view and everyone is welcome. Seating in the pews.


Anonymous said...

We actually met this chap at the RSASA when we took Donna Aldridge of Kansas City in to see the paintings but it was selection day. Donna was thrilled to meet so many people and we enjoyed it too. Great portrait. said...

That last comment was from me, Bill Truslove, Gerhard, I typed my website name in URL and it came up as anonymous, sorry about that. Cheers Bill