Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dr. Mike Bossley

Dr. Mike Bossley - 36" x 48" - oil on streched canvas

For the last few months I've been involved with the Faces of the Port project which paired ten artists with ten subjects to produce a set of portraits for display during the 2009 Port Adelaide Festival. My subject was noted dolphin researcher, Dr. Mike Bossley, and the result of our collaboration is this portrait.
The project was co-ordinated by the Port Adelaide Council and the exhibition of finished works will be on display during the festival at the Port Dock Railway Museum from Saturday 10 October.
I enjoyed the project and was delighted to meet Mike. In a world that's so preoccupied with profit and self agrandisment it is always a pleasure to find individuals who are motivated by higher ideals.

Here's a link to a little video of me talking about Mike and the painting.

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Mike Barr said...

Great painting Gerhard and loved the film clip..well done