Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Elderly Lady

Elderly Lady - oil on canvas - 30cm x 40cm

This lady featured as our main subject for the all day workshop we held at Artsnorth (Elizabeth) today.
Thankyou to the participating ladies and especially Colleen for doing the organising. I was my usual tyrannical self - insisting on how to hold brushes and how to make marks and how thin to mix paints - I know it can all be a bit much at times - but hey - I enjoyed it. Everyone did their best to put up with me and their paintings were a credit to their hard work.

In one of my last posts I mentioned the Pre Raphealites - the show was actually Desperate Romantics - and except for the personal lives of the artists - it is my belief that the art establishment was very accurately portrayed. (Perhaps things haven't changed all that much since then.)

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