Thursday, April 1, 2010


Bluey - Oil on canvas - 30cm x 42cm

Aussies have a way of allocating nicknames that's probably derived from walking upside down on the bottom half of the world - we tend to focus on opposites. Hence I've called this sketch Bluey because of his red hair. When it came to painting the hair in this case I used a very rarely employed brush from my collection - a ratty old fan - and it was just perfect to do the sweeps and suggest the delicate beard hair. A fun portrait with a touch of the devil to it.

BTW - I've decided the next course will be in August and if you're interested drop me a line.

Also I'll be doing a joint demonstration with some of my mates - Alan Ramachandran, Mike Barr and Hans Koppan - at the Campbelltown Rotary Art Show, 2pm Saturday 24 April. Everyone is welcome, it should be "interesting/entertaining".

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